May the best woman win

Besides all the bitchiness, fun and glamour, RuPaul Drag Race is also very… inspirational? I never thought reality TV can be this touching. I have watched 2 seasons, and there are quite a few moments which I really wanted to cry. Usually the parts about family, self acceptance, stuff like that. To me all the drag queens are like… sailormoons? The heroines who fight life, and they don’t need the pen or the badge, they do the transformation on their own.



Ultra Plus

In the midst of all things crazy, I picked up my love for hot-blooded shounen manga again. Because I seriously need something to pump me up.



WOW when was the last time I read something so hot-blooded? so full of optimism and energy? And I liked it? I cannot even remember. Must be when I was still a fresh grad. Because after that, work took away my soul and I became only interested in :
a) Depressive violent shit
b) Complicated romantic drama with no happy endings
c) Gag manga about social outcast and their misfortunes
d) Slice-of-life that is fuwa fuwa

I am sorry but I like to battle negative feelings with even more negative feelings.

So Hero Academia is something refreshing. Especially in terms of design. Too many years of Sorachi and his standard shinpachi face  Too many years of Seinen and Josei manga make me forget that there are manga whereby the characters can look unrealistic and imaginative, i.e. doesn’t look like the person sitting next to you on the bus. You can have a girl with frog-liked fingers and feet, or a boy with a split face. Or antagonist who wears a hand as a mask, making him looks like a scary ass face palm emoji. It is so fun just looking at the character design. And you can totally tell the mangaka spend his free time looking through fashion magazines. Like, for one piece, even though the character designs are great but the clothes they wear, are very manga-ish. And the girls are basically just in bikinis. But in hero-academia, even the most absurd character design is fashionable-looking. And the everyday wear of the characters, they ARE fashionable. I will totally want to own the pair of shoes Deku wear. Looks like it is inspired by Nike Jordan. And everyone dresses in different styles, fitting their personality damn well. And the fact that the mangaka puts in effort to design 17 different looking rooms ( by different looking, I really mean different looking.) to showcase the personalities of the characters, I must applaud. It is a visual fest.

I also like how all the students are hardworking muggers that encourages each other. Usually in shounen manga, especially the fighting ones, grades always seem so secondary? Ok maybe the reason the kids here cares about their grades is because the manga IS about a school and school work is not some secondary side plot. But the fact that the manga show the mugging struggle, is a plus point for me. And even more points for showing grade A students failing. Nobody is invisible here! and even even more points for having the protagonist in the top percentile. Not the best, but not the worst. Such a break from the “hardworking but stupid” protagonist stereotype in the genre.

And oh yes. the rivalry. The “spelled as rivals but read as friends” part. It was well done. Hit all the checkboxes without being cliche. Remind me once again how this is such a romantic idea. Romance for young boys (and perhaps girls too)

Oh oh one more thing I like, is that the antagonist, grows with the protagonist. Like, scary face palm guy (main antagonist) is a rookie antagonist when he first appears. He makes mistakes.  Then he learns from them, and becomes a better antagonist. Just like how the protagonist becomes a better protagonist each chapter. So we see two lines of growth, which makes the story more fun and dimensional to read. That doesn’t happen usually. Antagonists are always much much stronger than the protagonist on first appearance.

I am glad I gave this series a second try.


If Nana is from Beijing

Because my procrastination bug is so great, I keep discovering new stuff for myself.


I discover this web comic called 蟬女. Is about this girl, whose job is a 愛情鑒定師, i.e. help other girls check if their men stay loyal to them. What she does, basically, is to seduce the clients’ boyfriends/husbands and see if they can pass the loyalty test. All was well until she met the guy of her life….

Ok the art started off as Blythe dolls. As in, the head is REALLY big and the body is REALLY small. cutesy off proportion, which makes it weird coz it doesn’t really match the complicated-romance-in-the-city tone of the story.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 10.54.55 PM

Like, this art style, makes it look like some kind of comedy. But is not. The monologues are so hipster-poetic with lots and lots of melancholy.

But half way, I don’t know what happen, somehow the comic artist evolved.


Like wow what happened to the Blythe dolls proportions? And this is also the time whereby the relationship maps become SO complicated it reminds me of Nana and Paradise Kiss. So so SO many betrayals, forbidden love, affairs, lies, betrayals, more betrayals, dramas, philosophical discussions about love and shit. (Luckily, no rapes yet. And no drugs yet.) And instead of Vivienne Westwood, is a fashion show of Supreme and Vetements, i.e. street wear which none of us can afford. But well, I like to look at 2D people in expensive street fashion.

Anyway because is a web comic, the pacing is very spaced out. i.e. lots of white space for contemplation about what the heck the characters just said because they talk in poems. But the mood is well captured I have to say. As in, the mood in the bars of 后海,or the moon-lit motorcycle rides on the streets of 三里屯. Yar you get what I mean. Anyway I am pretty impressed with the one chapter whereby is a comic MV of Secret Love Song by Little Mix. There is no dialogues at all. Just lyrics with matching moody image sequence.  Like wow  the images move to the music man.

Will recommend it to people who wants to procrastinate and need some pseudo-philosophical drama about love and betrayal.

Shantay you stay

Now that I am at the final 4, i take back my words. I hope Violet girl can win. Because seriously how can one be so beautiful and talented. Her runway looks is always so omg. And the look with her dressed half as a man and half as a woman. wtf how can she still look so coherent? everyone else is so weird looking on the front but she still look so coherent yet each half stood out. That dali moustache was wow. I am super impressed.

And as for her bad personality… it seems like she is just one of those people who gives people bad first impressions because she is way too true to herself. That episode which Miss Fame got out of the race, I was so freaking touched by Violet. When everyone else voted for Miss Fame to get out (and yes Miss Fame really did deserve to get out), she actually said someone else’s name. (who wasn’t great too but slightly better than Fame) The reason? because Fame IS HER FRIEND OMG. Because Fame was the only person who was slightly nicer to her and she REMEMBERED SO SHE DIDN’T VOTE HER FRIEND OUT OMG WTF WHY ARE YOU SO LOYAL GIRL. And the fact she still stood strong even though the entire cast hated her, always with confidence, the whatever-you-peasants attitude, OMG SO BAD ASS WTF. And also the way she flirted with the judge.

Violet girl you better win.

Thank you for the special moments


Not sure if I have ever said it before, not that I care because I like to repeat stories, but this is the first song I ever cried to in my life. I was on the MRT going to somewhere. Couldn’t remember where. Most likely home after art classes? Not important.

I was standing by the train window, listening to songs on my mp3. Yes mp3s which could only store 32 songs. Either downloaded illegally online or imported from CDs. Those were the days. Anyway a few weeks before I bought The Sweet Escape album. Not sure why I bought it, wasn’t really a Gwen Stefani Fan, but I do like Hollaback Girl. Perhaps I had too much money to splurge. Back in the days when finances and paycheques weren’t an issue. And of course I imported some of the album’s songs into handy mp3. I had heard Wonderful Life a few times before already. Wasn’t my first time. I just thought it was an ok song.

Everything was normal, I was zoning off, the sun was setting, many people boarded the train, and then bam the song came on.

Maybe it was the sun set.

Maybe it was the strangers on the crowded train.

Maybe I was tired.

Maybe the melody brought out my bottled up teenage angst

Maybe the lyrics related to me on a personal level about the never-happened/never would happen romantic endeavours.

Whatever the reason was, I started tearing. I was so shocked by myself. Like wtf why was I crying? I was perfectly normal a minute before and the next I was crying for no reason. Nothing bad happened to me on that day. It was just a normal day. And this song just triggered some unexplainable tears. It was a bizarre experience for me. Up till now I still couldn’t figure out why. Maybe Gwen Stefani is just THAT good.

And I am writing these now because
1) I am procrastinating
2) I just heard the song on Spotify
3) I am trying to ignore the probing problem of my career path and future.
4) I am missing the younger self whereby just a song can trigger so much emotions
5) Procrastinating and procrastinating