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Before Annie Kim became Annie Kim, she was Annie Kimura or something. She bought so many Jap drama vcd (omg yes vcd) sets and CDs. You know those compilation CDs? That has all the hottest J-dramas theme song? The one with the glass apple as the album cover? (By the way the glass apple is from Love Generation, in which Kimura was a creative in an ad agency)  Yar I used to have those at home thanks to Annie Kimura. Anyway there was this one song which I liked alot. Not sure what drama it was from and who sang it. But it just appealed to primary school Chip. Unfortunately as time went by and Fantastic Baby came along, I totally forgot about this song. Just like how Kimura became a selfish 賤uncle who sabotaged his own team mates.

Until the other day at the red van. The red van driver was playing this song. And the golden age of Kimura and J-drama just came back. Wow nostalgia. I thought Speed (omg Speed I wonder where are they now) sang that song but apparently no. So I just search for songs of the same generation on Spotify. You know, stuff like Can You Celebrate (and 安室奈美惠 is retiring, sad. Apparently even Kiko Mizuhara couldn’t get her final concert tickets. Sad.) As usual Spotify didn’t fail me. The glass apple compilation CD appeared and I found the song! Spotify is a genius.

OMG the Microsoft windows computer effects. Classic. And 竹野內豐is really hot. Wonder where is he now.

Now I finally know the song name, singer and which drama it is from, I feel happy and complete.


ahh ahh ahhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

How I wish I have 48 hours a day. Like fuck shit why am I so slow why do things take so long to finish fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Anyway these days I keep looping this song. Even though I don’t like the anime (which totally reminds me of SOVA days dissecting contemporary art shit. Duchamp will be happy this anime even exist.) but the theme song is catchy. And the fast paced digital tune makes my heart race so that I can work faster. I don’t want to listen to Beast yet.

Hello Sleepwalkers.

I was aimless looking at facebook (so much for the new year resolution) when I saw this post that talked about Yato. Then I got reminded of the series Noragmai.

Oh yar. Noragmi. It has been a while since the manga updated. Seemed like the mangaka is sick and has been on hiatus for like eternity. Why are mangakas so frail? Why do they always fall sick? Please get well soon. And I wonder if there will be a third season anime.

Personally I think it is an above average series. I will rank it on the same place as like, maybe Eyeshield 21. Enjoyable experience, but might forget about it after a while. (unlike FMA, in which Nina will haunt me for life.) Though the first part of season 1 focused a little too much on Yukine’s teenage angst. But oh well, I would be angsty too if I am dead but still have to deal with a useless god. Anyway Yukine got better once he got passed the angst and become a good boy.

Anyway I am just a sucker for melancholic stories about gods, spirits, dead people and stuff. Plus is a good balance between exciting fight scenes and touching backstories. And humour. There is humour and I like the humour. Yato is cutely pathetic. Always in for pathetic protagonist.

And the opening. I like the opening song and the art direction.



Studio Bones is just so good.

So when is the third season? I want to see the god of thunder. And I want to watch the sobbing backstory of the poverty god.




I want that niku cushion too.

If you have notice (maybe not), I have changed the name of this blog from Whine to We Are All Fan Girls. Because number 1 I am a loser and number 2 Fangirling is a better hobby than whining. Plus I don’t write angsty whiny post(?) as often anymore. And I need an outlet for all my fangirling. I don’t care if people are interested because I just want to fangirl and I need to fangirl.


The recent development of 請跟廢柴的我戀愛 made me re-read the whole story again. Judging from the fact that 主任 and 美知子 is getting married, means that it is ending soon. Happily ever after marriage is THE formulaic conclusion for all romantic comedy. I feel kind of sad, so that propelled me to re-read the series again. Not because I want to procrastinate. 

And oh boy everything is still so cute and fluffy even on second read.

Yes yes the plot is super generic super predictable. 29 years old useless OL meets a hot guy, started off as enemies but ended up together, complete with the too-good-to-be-true 男2, 強勢 ex-girlfriend, overly-nice romantic rival, angry dads, flaky brother, bla bla bla.

But everyone is SOOOOOOOOO nice and cute. No bitches. Not even the ex-girlfriend. And the conversations are all so hilarious and funny. And somehow 美知子 has this super power of being friends with anyone after a meal.  Not just hi-bye friends. Friends that actually give you advice and htht with you. Dude that is super power social skills. How is she a 廢柴? I will totally want that power. Then I won’t need to deal with awkward moments anymore. But yar I really like 美知子. She is so likeable. It is rare for me to like  the heroine of rom com, especially generic rom com. But she made everything funny and cute. And I also like 主任. Even though he totally falls into the category of 口是心非 male lead, which is a very irritating trait, but somehow he pulled it off. I think is his hilarious squabbles with 美知子.

Good job mangaka for making a generic rom com not generic with humour. Seems like this mangaka is pretty good with this trick. Lovely Complex is like that too. Generic plot, but cute and humorous interactions. And many many many nice people. If only reality is filled with nice people too.

ok back to work.



Totoro No Totoro~ Totoro No Totoro~

I have concluded that one can’t watch any shit in Hong Kong if you don’t want to buy from illegal sources.

May Day tickets? Only available from illegal sources.

Jay Chou tickets? Only available from illegal sources.

Big Bang? Illegal sources.

Ed Sheeran? Illegal sources.

One Ok Rock? Illegal sources.

Now, you tell me, even a Joe Hisaishi orchestra concert, in the cultural center, I have to fucking buy from illegal sources???? What is everyone a studio Ghibli fan??? Why is the cheapest ticket like, 3000++hkd? wtf is this? We don’t even have a chandelier inside the hall.

Fine i take this as the opportunity to save up.



Baby it’s three a.m and is hard to say goodbye

I feel like this is becoming the place where i fangirl and post random MVs.


I really like the songs by AGA and I think more people should listen to her. If she debut like, 10-15 years earlier when the market for cantonpop still exist, she would be popular.

Ok the MV is kind of boring and generic but I believe this is the best the studio can give ’cause gone are the days when budgets were given to make MVs for cantonpop. But Hey! music is the main thing here! This is the first song of hers I heard. It was over the radio, late night, back in the shit hole days. Making my day less shitty.

Another chill song. Her songs are so good to listen to when it is late night and you need to calm yourself down. Life is all good man who cares about breakups and deadlines and existential crisis.

By the way, McDonalds like to play her songs. Perhaps is the contract between Macs and Universal Music. But hey, eating french fries becomes classier and chiller because of her voice.

And here comes my favourite song.

so good to listen to at 3a.m

Well I don’t think anyone read this blog  (perhaps except choo and vivi my biggest fan and A+++ friends) but if you do, do check out AGA.

Lets go back to drawing trees. When can I finish the cover? when? I can’t believe this is taking me almost of month.