That floral dress

The early 90s high fashion art direction. The cheesy flower metaphors. The gay camera movements. And that floral dress at the end. Omg that floral dress at the end. Give me more floral dresses like that.



Is that why Lady Justice blindfolds herself?

Pro-independence activist started a protest which eventually led to violence—
Guilty. Sentenced to 6 years of jail.

Upcoming Secretary of Justice found to have her luxurious house filled with illegal structures—
No investigations and followups. Successfully took the position. With extra guarantee from the chief executive of her working abilities.

Student leaders prompted the occupying of Civic Square, which eventually lead to the umbrella movement—
Guilty. Sentenced to 13-6 months of jail.

Secretary of Development suspected of corruption, illegal structuring of housing and tax avoidance—
No investigations and followups. Eventually took the position Financial Secretary.

Production team of award winning film caught for carrying 200,000 dollars of prop money because the fake banknotes look “too real” —
Guilty. Sentenced to 4 months of jail.

Former Chief Executive suspected of corruption—
Retrenched the high ranking ICAC officals, no followups and investigation. Eventually become a 中國人民政治協商會議全國委員會常務委員

75 years old elderly faked his age for work so that he can be financially independent without relying on the welfare system—
Guilty. Sentenced to 4 months of jail.

Please don’t tell me that the legal system is fair.






I survived the 27 curse

No more missing passports, injuries, elevator traps and curly hair ghosts.

You think I’d crumble? You think I’d lay down and die?
Oh, no, not I, I will survive
Oh as long as I know how to love, I know I’m still alive
I’ve got my life to live, and I’ve got all my love to give
And I’ll survive, I, I , I will survive


Who doesn’t like good-natured delinquent kids

I am not sure if I mention this before, but I feel like doing it (again). Anyway I am pretty sure many people will dislike the following manga which I am going to talk about. Because it is too positive and correct. Like, WAY to positive and correct. Textbook case positivity. WTF how can everybody be so nice and good positivity. WTF how can hardship be overcome so easily positivity. WTF everyone has a good ending positivity. WTF even the evil person turn good positivity. WTF perseverance friendship victory positivity.  WTF typical Japanese life-lessons for teenagers plot positivity.

But still. I like it a lot. Simply because it is so positive and encouraging and the characters I all so cute I have re-read the manga at least 5 times over the years (it is still serialising) everytime I am down. But I seldom talked about it since I feel kind of embarrassed for liking something so cliche, positive and shojo (even though it is serialised in Jump square together with teiichi.)

Introducing 一弦定音!(この音とまれ!) , a manga about a bunch of delinquent/socially outcasted kids and koto (a.k.a Guzheng). Yes even the introduction is full of cliches already. And yes as you have guessed it, Koto saved a bunch of delinquent kids, especially the male lead愛, who is super misunderstood due to his mannerism. Ok now this actually sound like Slam Dunk. Basketball saving a group of delinquents. Koto saving a group of delinquents. Except that you minus out all the testosterone and pump in lots of estrogen. And this is how it will look.



The second guy from the left, the one with yellow hair, that is Sakuragi of this manga. And the girl with long hair, i.e. the one next to him, is the Rukawa of this manga. And yes there is a 感情戲 between the two of them. Which is so damn freaking cute. And they didn’t need 30+ volumes to get an high five. By chapter 69 he is already giving her flowers, in the cutest way possible because they are such cute, good-natured kids. ok i realised 69 chapters is still alot but hey! Doki doki love stories is not the main point! More chapters are used to depict their training arcs! And competition arcs! because this is after all still a Jump manga! Even if it was serialising next to shoe licking Teiichi (omg imagine the impact. One moment you are reading a manga with lots of sparkling screentones, and the next page you flip is some half-naked shoe-licking dude)

And yes the training arcs. One can never get tired of a group of friends solving problems together and working towards a common goal. And the goal is always some national wide competitions.

Anyway I really hope this can be animated one day, because there is a limitations to what static images can say about music. Even though the mangaka really knows her shit. Apparently she is born in some Koto musician family and everyone in her house plays Koto. So her depictions of the technical stuff is quite spot on. Even if I don’t know if they are 100% correct, but can tell the mangaka really knows her topic. (unlike kuroko no basketball) But I want to hear. I want to HEAR the actual sounds of Koto. I always welcome any anime/movies/tv dramas with a good soundtrack. And I want to see moving 小愛 and 小理和. Because they are really cute. Actually the other couple is also very cute. And the three idiots are also very cute. Actually everyone is really very cute. Aww. Old aunties like me is not immune to cute happy kids.



Stupid kids.

I used 3 days to finish this manga series called 女主失格. First time in my life I read a story, and I feel that both the female lead and male lead 100% deserve each other because they are such atrocious beings they shouldn’t be allow to date any other people. The title is so correct. Or maybe should add the word 男主too.   男主女主全都失格. Like wtf. 賤nana is not so 賤 afterall. Because at least she knows she is 賤 . And she did reflect and become a better person after having kids. but this girl, this female protagonist, from first chapter all the way to the last one, she has zero growth, keep repeating her mistakes, doesn’t know what she has done wrong, and continue to be the way she is. Being cheerful and silly doesn’t make up for all the bad decisions she has made. So is the fucking damn male protagonist too. 賤男 from chapter one ALL the way to the last chapter. ok maybe 賤is not the word to use on them. because in order to be 賤, you need to have brains. They are STUPID. STUPID KIDS. Can’t think of consequences beyond 3 sentences.

And you know how in shojo manga there is always the second male lead? Who usually ends up being dumped despite being such a great guy? This is also the first time I feel happy for the second male lead because HE DESERVES BETTER. Let the stupid girl date the stupid boy. And somehow this second male lead becomes the spotlight of the entire manga, the reason people (include me) continue to read the story because the first leads are really too atrocious. zero percent likability. No redemption point. besides having pretty faces. Which is not a good redemption point because this is shojo manga everyone is supposed to look good.

Even if the mangaka was trying to go for the antagonistic protagonist, like you know, characters like Yagami Light, she still fail. because I see 0% charisma. only stupidity. And is not cute stupidity. Is make you want to poke their eyes and smash their brains stupidity.

Lucky it was only 36 chapters. But still, I should have just reread My Hero Academia.