Shiny and happy

I just searched for my old blog. Like, the very, very old one I started in sec 1. I think is a sub-conscious self-calming mechanism. I only did 2 pages today. I couldn’t sleep so I went to watch more Terrace House (This jap reality tv on Netflix) but the development is so shocking (REALLY YURIKO WHY ARE U LEAVING WTF AND WHY IS THE NEW GUY SOME TATOO DUDE FROM HAWAII???) I couldn’t sleep even more. I guess that is why my subconscious tells me to search for something old and familiar, to comfort myself.

But I guess I searched WAYYYY too far back. Because I couldn’t understand what the hell I was writing.  Here is a quote from 9/11/2003.

Muahhahahhahahahha!!!!! lok here. great chalet in dec. HEHEHEHEEHEHEHEz so excitied!!!!

art claz as usually yesterdae(sat ma!) my piece was…. i lov it!!!! it iz so damn cool man! n successful. e dragger i was drwin rite was soooo nice. hahahaha! wait till i scan in my work…

First of all, what the heck is lok? Is that a typo? Is it look? Ok seem like my spelling has always been so bad. But look here? look what? what is there to look? I just went MUHAHAHAHHA then look here. LOOK WHAT CHIP WHAT? Was I too excited about chalet that I started seeing things I wasn’t suppose to see? And why must I add a z at the end of HEHEHEHE? Why? And Why the fuck I couldn’t type in proper words? What is with all the random eliminations of letters from the words? Was I too lazy to put the “e” at the end of the word “love”? And why replaced all the s with z? iz? seriously iz?? Why make future chip miserable 2003 chip! 2017 chip need to take at least 1 minute to understand a sentence you typed!!!

And I couldn’t believe I was actually happy with my own work. Where did all the confidence come from? and what dragger? Did you mean dagger? What cool dagger did you draw? Why were you so 中二? Why were you drawing daggers?????? Why were you so happy drawing daggers? Why? ART IS SUPPOSE TO BE A PAINFUL PROCESS LOOK AT ALL THE PAIN I AM GOING THROUGH NOW. BOTH PHYSICAL AND MENTAL.

oh god my shoulders hurt.

But I am happy that you are so happy 2003 chip. You seem invincible. I wish I can find back that part of me.  Leave the nonsense typing part out though.


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